photo by Lauren Hannusak

photo by Lauren Hannusak


the BACK BACK story

The CREATIVE gene seems to have missed a few generations in my family.  My whole childhood, only my grandmother could understand my constant need to make.  She taught me to latch hook, knit, crochet, and hand sew.  My hands were constantly moving...making making making.  

In high school I started a t-shirt business called A Certain Kind of Oblivious (destined to fail because of my complete lack of entrepreneurial acumen) that got me thinking about what I wanted for my future.  In a family of doctors, aka non creative types, I knew by the age of 14 that I wanted to pursue my own creativity and I knew I wanted to invent my own work environment.

In college, where I majored in studio art and media studies, I left my business behind, but my mind constantly floated back to fibers and textiles.  I made soft sculpture: knit, crochet, or sewn pieces defying the separation of "THE ARTS" and "CRAFT."  I also wrote a thesis about women learning language and using their voices through stitch.  I graduated feeling empowered to make again.  It has taken time, but here is MAKER & MINERAL.


the NOW story

My goal with Maker & Mineral is to produce eco-conscious, ethically hand-crafted, and well-crafted home wears, accessories, and clothing for the modern person who doesn't fall pray to fast fashion and instead prefers to have a closet stocked with well loved/ meaningful pieces of clothing.

How I do it:

  • I strive to use recycled and earth friendly materials whenever possible. (ie. water safe dyes and inks, fabrics that can be or already have been recylcled)
  • I shop local (aka I try to source my materials from other small business in my region be it San Francisco, or in my new home in Melbourne, Australia)
  • Most importantly I pattern, print, design, and sew everything myself which allows for the least amount of waste possible.
  • AND what little fabric waste remains is put to use in other ways. 

Using imagery of the body, abstracted rock patterns, and floral/ vegetal motifs, I want to hopefully remind people of our own small connections with natural world and push for sustainability.