photo by @michellenorrisphoto and @tropicophoto

photo by @michellenorrisphoto and @tropicophoto

Apply for the Maker & Mineral customization video! 

Maker & Mineral is working on making a video about garment customization.  I am looking for 3 models of varying shapes and sizes to film talking about your measurements, maybe telling stories of your clothing buying woes, and showing off your new custom garment, which you will get to keep. If you are based in Melbourne or the SF/ Bay area please email with the answers to the following questions along with a couple photos of yourself.  

  • Name
  • Do you have an Instagram / Website we can look at?
  • Where are you based?
  • What sizes do you normally wear/ what are your measurements?
  • Do you have any previous modeling experience?
  • Will you have availability from mid September to mid October?
  • What piece or pieces would you want to own?
  • Anything else we should know about you?

Payment will be in the form of the custom garment for you to keep.

If you are interested in filming/ producing, please email  with a way to watch some clips of your work along with your general availability.